Rules, Waiver, Code of Conduct

Splat Tag Waiver

Sign Waiver

General Rules


  1. All players must sign a waiver. A release of liability to play paintball.
  2. Must be 10 year of age or up to play paintball. No one 17 or under will be allowed to play without signed waiver by a Parents or legal guardian.


  1. Goggles must be worn at all times when on the playing fields, target/chrono area and so on.
  2. All "Goggles On" areas are identified by "Goggles On" signs. While in these areas, APPROVED EYE PROTECTION (designed for paintball) MUST BE WORN BY ALL PERSONS AT ALL TIMES.
  3. Players must not remove goggles when leaving the playing field. Goggles must remain on until players reach the staging/Safety area.

Barrel Covers

  1. All players are required to have paintball marker/gun barrels cover. A device specifically designed for blocking the ball if the marker/gun is accidentally fired, at all times other than while in game areas, target range, or at the chronograph area. This includes driving on and off of the property.

Paintball Markers/Guns

  1. All semi markers/guns must chronograph under 280fps. Players should check their markers/guns several times a days to make sure they do not shoot over 280fps.
  2. Only Semi-auto and pump action paintball markers/guns are allowed. One shot per trigger pull and release. No burst mode, ramping or full-auto.
  3. Max rate of fire in 12bps.
  4. No shooting or dry firing in the staging area and parking area. The chrono/target range and paintball courses are the only places where firing is allowed.


  1. No alcohol or drug use will be permitted in the parking area or on the field! It is strictly forbidden to bring or consume alcohol before or during the game.


  1. All paintballs must be purchased from Splat Tag. Players can NOT bring their own paintballs. Splat Tag is FPO "Field Paint Only". All paintballs are .68 cal.

Field Rules

Before Going On The Field

  1. Players must know and understand all playing and safety rules.
  2. Each player must make sure their maker is set under 280fps and can not shoot more than 12bps.
  3. All old paint marks are removed. Players can be eliminated for old hits.
  4. No tools or weapons are allowed on the field.
  5. Fighting or arguing with Ref's or other players will not be permitted.
  6. No physical interaction whatsoever is allowed between players.
  7. No Climbing, altering, or constructing obstacles.
  8. All decisions by the referees are final.
  9. All personal equipment must be approved by Splat Tag, Inc. before it can be used.
  10. No blind shooting. Players must look at targets before shooting.
  11. No modifying or disassembling of any rental equipment.
  12. No swearing.

Going On The Field

  1. All player must fallow the referees instructions at all times.
  2. No shooting before the game starts and No shooting after the game is over.
  3. DO not shoot the Ref! If you are caught shooting the Ref you will be out of the game. Please have respect for our Ref's! They are there to help make your game fair and fun!

Starting The Game

  1. The referee will start the game. Make sure to listen for the ref to say GO.


  1. A player is eliminated when a mark (size of a nickel or bigger) is left on them or anything they carrying from a paintball impact. If you call yourself hit or out without a break, you're still out.
  2. When hit, shout "Hit!" loud enough for those in your vicinity to clearly hear you, raise your marker/gun in the air pointing upwards, and make your way off the field keeping your marker/gun in the air. Before you leave the field make sure your barrel cover is on.
  3. A player can surrender at anytime. You do not have to wait to be hit. To surrender shout "Surrender", "Hit" or "Out" and put your marker/gun up over your head to show you are out. Head back to the staging area.
  4. Eliminated players should head back to the staging/safety area. Eliminated player are not allowed to talk to or signal live players.
  5. Any spec of paint from a Paint Grenade eliminates a player. No matter the size or the mark left.
  6. All hits DO count! Including Marker/Gun hits, Goggle/Head hits. No malicious head shots.
  7. If a player holds their marker/gun with hand stretched out over his/her head, no one is to shoot at the player. This movement is only allowed if the player is eliminated, or in a case of emergency.
  8. There is a 15 - 20 foot "Bang Rule" ! If you come up to someone that close, ask him or her to surrender. That player can then yell "I am out" & put their Barrel cover on. If they refuse to surrender and move to shoot you, you may shoot the player. There is less shame in surrendering than there is pain from getting hit from 15 feet away.
  9. It is forbidden to shoot from a distance under 15 feet without asking the other player to surrender first.
  10. An eliminated player cannot shoot while walking out of the field, nor are they to be shot at.
  11. Check yourself for a break if you are hit during play and ask for a paint check if necessary. If you call yourself hit without a break, you're still out.
  12. If you go out-of-bounds, you're out of the game. Hits made by anyone out-of-bounds do not count. DO NOT WIPE OFF PAINT to hide a hit! If you are caught cheating you will be out of the game for the day!

Game Over And Leaving The Field

  1. Listen for referees instruction at all times.
  2. The game is over after a referee calls "Game Over". A player or Referee can end a game if there in a Emergency (like an injured player) by yelling "911" or "MAN DOWN". If a game is stopped all players should stop shooting, put barrel cover on marker/gun and leave the field.
  3. NO shooting once you are out of the game and no shooting after the game is over.
  4. Listen for referees instruction at all times. Head back to staging/safety area.
  5. Player cannot shoot while walking out of the field, nor are they to be shot at.


  1. It is recommended that no one wears shorts or t-shirts during the game. All players are should wear long-sleeve shirts and full-length pants. Arms and legs should be fully covered during play.
  2. Never leave your paintball equipment unattended between games and always lock it up during games.
  3. Splat Tag, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  4. Splat Tag, Inc. reserves the right to change and/or add rules at anytime for safety and fair play.
  5. Splat Tag, Inc. also reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the game at anytime who we feel is not following the rules and/or is not conducting themselves with good sportsmanship, and NO refund will be given!
  6. Please read through these carefully and ask questions if there is something you do not understand.
  7. Splat Tag Paintball Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

  1. I will read and follow the rules - staying well with in their boundaries.
  2. When I feel a hit, I will cease firing and promptly check myself. If hit, I will call myself out, and quickly exit the game as to cause minimal disruption. If possible and not disruptive to the game, I will congratulate my opponent on his efforts if due. I will NOT wipe paint or continue playing on once I feel a hit.
  3. When I shoot an opponent and see a ball break or hear a ball hit, I will immediately cease firing and advancing, and give the person a moment to call it. After a few seconds, I will politely tell the person where I saw the ball break (or tell him I heard it hit). If the person continues to play on I will not lower my standards - I will simply continue to press my attack.
  4. Once I am eliminated, I will clearly call myself out, hold my marker/gun UP, and exit the area quickly and in the least disruptive manner possible. I will then put my barrel cover on and continue to hold it up as to signal out as I exit the field or return to the spawn area. During this time, I will not communicate to active players on the field.
  5. Under no circumstances will I intentionally overshoot an opponent or shoot as to injure as opponent (groin, throat, temple, unprotected ear, ladies breast)
  6. When I encounter an opportunity with a young, elderly or novice opponent, I will extend that player additional courtesy. (go for surrender, hopper shot, goggle shot, pack shot, or just move on to more challenging targets)
  7. When I encounter a young, elderly or novice allied player, I will be patient with that player and inspire them by my example.
  8. If I see an unmasked player (or spectator) on the playing field, I will immediate cease all actions that may endanger the unprotected individual. I will advise the player (or spectator) in question to PUT THEIR MASK ON. If they immediately comply, then I play on. If not, I will put my barrel cover on my marker/gun, yell CEASE FIRE, try to protect the player with my body, and then politely remove him from the playing field. The refs should take care of these issues, but as players we occasionally MUST step in for the good of the game.
  9. I will use common sense at all times.
  10. In person, and online, I will avoid flaming, condescending remarks, and actions that could possibly be construed as unsportsmanlike. Winning and losing are not excuses for poor sportsmanship. Be a gracious winner and a good loser. HOW you play and HOW you handle yourself are far more important than the outcome.
  11. If a situation degenerates into unsportsmanlike conduct, I will remove myself or otherwise avoid the situation.
  12. I will not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs while playing the game as these can alter my judgment and physical abilities.
  13. I will avoid using profane language in all instances.
  14. At field paint only event, I will only shoot field paint.
  15. If I think my marker/gun is spiking, I will immediately pull myself from the game and address it. Furthermore, I will not intentionally perform actions that cause my marker/gun to spike its velocity while playing. I will regularly chronograph my marker/gun at every practical opportunity.
  16. I will treat my marker/gun as if it were loaded at all times. I will NEVER aim my marker/gun at an unmasked player or unmasked spectator - loaded, or unloaded.
  17. I will keep my markers/guns bagged when in public and not in use.
  18. I will not shoot public traffic signs, cars, pedestrians, pets, houses, lights, chronographs, buildings etc. that are not part of a paintball field and on the field of play.
  19. I will encourage new players to try the game of paintball and will treat them with respect.
  20. I will not use eliminated players, spectators, or refs as physical cover.
  21. I understand that as a guest of, or member of, [team name here], that I represent [team name here] in my actions, and that I am therefore held accountable by the team.
  22. I understand that paintball is a game of honor, and I will play it that way.